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Kit's Latest News

Kit Cummings has been asked to sit on the Georgia House of Representatives Committee on Youth and Gang Violence. He has accepted this new role and looks forward to the opportunity to serve his community.

Kit's Latest News

Kit has been asked to sit on the Cobb County Juvenile Gang Accountability Court.

Kit's Latest News

Kit has joined forces with former NFL Defence Micheal Moon Thompson. Together with their message of inspiration, with a word of caution, is sure to change lives.

Peace Behind The Wall

by John Stringer and Kit Cummings

Billboard Top Recording Artist John Stringer and Kit Cummings have joined forces to create this amazing POP song for POPP. Enjoy this teaser, get ready to pre-save, pre-order and PRE-SENT your support to the Project of Peace Project. 100% will be donated to their cause. Further instructions will be available soon.

Peace Behind the Wall release date: October 1, 2019.

Price: $1.99

Representative Carl Gilliard from district 162 is sponsoring a committee to study youth and gang violence. Kit Cummings has accepted a seat  and is looking forward to serving his community.

Kit Cummings has accepted a role in a Court appointed task force in Cobb County reviewing juvenile drug and gang related crimes. 

Micheal Moon Thompson is known for his triumphs in the NFL, his work at his charity, The Micheal Moon Foundation and now he will be known for partnering with Kit Cummings and the Power of Peace Project, sharing his story to continue to make a difference.

POPP Inspires


Helping our youth discover the traits that they wish to aspire to. 


Learning how to take on a strong role of leadership in all social situations. Understanding the power of leading by example. 

campus Challenges

Gangs vs. Healthy Relationships

Gang violence and mislaid loyalty is a problem. We can’t be afraid to talk about it, but we have to find the right person that speaks their language.

Sexual Assault vs. Friendships

Sexual assault is an unfortunate reality on university campuses as kids are catching up with hormones, alcohol and drugs and peer pressure. 

Alcohol and Drugs vs. Healthy Habits

Newfound freedom, additional stressors with new expectations, and peer pressure are too much for many teens who may be prone to addiction.

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POPP CULture comes to California

A conference held at San Diego State

“The Power of Peace Project unleashes the leader within by teaching young men and women that they can be agents of change and impact the world around them in a positive way!  Everyone has the power to protect their dreams and keep the hope for a better future. I have witnessed the fruit first hand and I am proud to be a sponsor and supporter of POPP!”

Wayne Dennard Acworth Police Chief

“The Power of Peace Project has been a phenomenal blessing to me and the prison population at Earnest C Brooks Correctional Facility, as evidenced by half of our population of 1200+ prisoners asking, seeking, and desiring to be a part of the POPP movement. We have seen approximately 2000 inmates complete this powerful project, and violence decreased considerably. Kit keeps real, because Hope is the new Dope.”

Chaplain Onesiphorus BurrelMichigan Dept. of Corrections

“I really like the leadership focus that the POPP program has brought to our athletic teams at North Cobb High School. Under the guidance of Mr. Cummings, our Warriors have been educated on the characteristics that positive leaders can display each day in our school and community.”

Matt MoodyNorth Cobb High School Principal

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