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Kit Cummings is Recognized as an Expert in Gang and Youth Violence

Representative Carl Gilliard is forcing the state of Georgia to take a look at how they address gang violence. Kit Cummings is one of the experts who will help shed some light on what is working and what is not to reduce gang and youth violence. Kit will sit on the Gang and Youth Violence Prevention Committee.  You can read more on POPP Culture.


Georgia committee to study youth, gang violence

Top news story on WALB NEWS10.

International Speaker

Kit has taken his program internationally. Watch how Kit’s work all started and how it evolved into the corporate arena.

A Community Gives Back

Watch how some POPP students get the chance to show Kit how grateful they are that he and the Power of Peace Project have become a part of their lives.

Conferences and Corporate Events

Kit created and developed Attitude Science as the model and platform from which he teaches. With humor and high energy, Kit pulls from CBT principles, and the study of psychology, brain science and physics. Attitude Science cuts across cultural and socioeconomic barriers and has been proven effective in various industries, schools, prisons, athletics, and addiction/recovery. It brings out potential and uncovers innate gifts; it unclutters the mind and brings focus and clarity; it raises up leaders and forges unity among team members; it increases the efficiency and productivity of organizations; it helps individuals and teams to COME ALIVE! It is the Physics of Performance.


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Kit’s Book Signing at the MLK Center with Bernice King

On Sunday Jan 10th, 2016, Kit was invited to take part in the festivities at the King Center for Nonviolence in Atlanta to honor Dr. King’s 87th birthday. Kit’s latest release Peace “Behind the Wire: A Nonviolent Resolution” was featured and the King Center held a book signing for Kit, along with Dr. Bernice King’s latest book release. The Power of Peace Project was discussed on a special panel in Freedom Hall and other King family members also participated. The King Center now carries “Peace Behind the Wire” in their bookstore. The Dream Lives and the March Continues.

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Former NFL player Micheal Moon Thompson and Kit Cummings have a common goal and have joined forces

Kit Cummings has been spreading his message of inspiration and drive through the Power of Peace Project in the judicial system and schools and privately through his public speaking.   What he has found in Micheal Moon Thompson is someone who has an important story to tell. After losing his NFL career Moon is making it his life’s work to give back. To find out more about Kit and Moon visit our POPP Culture page or you could visit our Booking Page and request more information. 

Power Coaching and Consulting

Through the platform Kit created called Attitude Science, he helps his clients discover and develop their untapped power and potential to change. Whether it be professional burnout, a lack of clarity and focus, a destructive addiction, or you just want to break through your glass ceiling and reach another level of success, the Attitude Science System can break the chains that bind you and help you find your purpose and passion.

By creating a unique plan with specific challenges and a healthy accountability, Kit will help you break through barriers that have hindered your personal growth.



Gen Z is dealing with more stress, depression, and anxiety than any generation that preceded them. Kit’s Protect the Dream Program helps kids dream big dreams, provides the tools to achieve them and teaches them to protect those dreams at all costs.


Incarceration has become a multi-billion dollar industry in America. Unfortunately, schools have become the pipeline to jails and prisons. Kit’s Forty Days to Freedom Program interrupts young people before they make a choice that can destroy their future forever.


Uninspired and disillusioned, millennials are leaving the church in droves, . Kit’s Forty Days of Prayer Program take participants on a journey of self-discovery in spiritual transformation. Learn how to get very specific with your prayers and put your faith into ACTION.

POPP’s New County Jail Peace Project in Atlanta

This Summer POPP will launch new Peace Initiatives with Cobb County Juvenile Courts and Cobb County Jail. The program is built to interrupt and redirect young people who are getting involved in gang life and to decrease violence in the County Jail stemming from gang activity.

The March Continues in Selma, Alabama

Power of Peace Projects, (POPP’s) Community Peace Initiative is moving in this beautiful, historic civil rights city in the South. Unfortunately, youth crime and violence are on the rise, and street gangs are claiming the kids.

“The Power of Peace Project unleashes the leader within by teaching young men and women that they can be agents of change and impact the world around them in a positive way!  Everyone has the power to protect their dreams and keep the hope for a better future. I have witnessed the fruit first hand and I am proud to be a sponsor and supporter of POPP!”

Wayne Dennard

Acworth Police Chief

“POPP is instrumental in making a difference in today’s youth. Our youth are challenged with constant pressure towards gangs, drugs, hate, and violence. POPP gives hope in countering those pressures while helping our youth navigate a positive path.”

Bill Westenberger

Kennesaw Police Chief

“I have seen firsthand how POPP can help build up young people and adults alike.  The powerful tools learned in POPP have the potential to bring about long-term positive change for individuals and communities.“

Rich Austin

Milton Police Chief

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